Protein Bars

Always have high-quality nutrition on hand. Protein bars come in a variety of flavors, formulas, and sizes to support your training or daily nutrition goals.*

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Buy 1 Get 1 25% Off Signature Protein Crunch Bars, 12 - 57g Bars
Bodybuilding.com Signature
9.4 277 Reviews
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Contains 20g of Whey Protein in Each Bar to Support Workout Recovery & Lean Muscle Growth*
€ 19,32 (€ 1,61 / Serving)
Combat Crunch Protein Bar, 12 Bars
8.8 1,346 Reviews
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Whey Protein Bar
€ 26,09 (€ 2,17 / Serving)
Carb Killa Protein Bar, 12 - 60g Bars
9.1 136 Reviews
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Triple-Layered Deliciously Crunchy Low-Carb Protein Bar!
€ 19,32 (€ 1,61 / Serving)
Smart Bar, 12 - 64g Bars
10 8 Reviews
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Protein bar for muscle growth and recovery*
€ 18,36 (€ 1,53 / Serving)
Pro 2Go Protein Flapjack, 24 - 80g Bars
SCI-MX Nutrition
10 2 Reviews
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You At Your Best
€ 19,32 (€ 0,81 / Serving)
Quest Bars, 12 x 60g Bars
Quest Nutrition
9.3 1,216 Reviews
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Whey Protein Bar
€ 24,16 (€ 2,01 / Serving)
Pro 2Go Duo Bar, 12 - 60g Bars
SCI-MX Nutrition
9.4 5 Reviews
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You At Your Best
€ 13,52 (€ 1,13 / Serving)
Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off Protein Flapjack Bar, 12 x 75g Bars
9.2 4 Reviews
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Ultra-Premium Flapjack Bar
€ 12,20 (€ 1,02 / Serving)
Save 16% Optimum Protein Bars, 10 - 60g Bars
Optimum Nutrition
10 1 Reviews
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Contains 24g protein per serving to support muscle growth & recovery
€ 15,42 (€ 1,54 / Serving)
Smart Plant Bar, 12 x 64g Bars
Protein bar made with plant protein for muscle building
€ 18,49 (€ 1,54 / Serving)
Protein Cookie, 12 - 75g Cookies
SCI-MX Nutrition
10 2 Reviews
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You At Your Best!
€ 12,56 (€ 1,05 / Serving)
Diet Whey Bar, 12 - 65g Bars
8 1 Reviews
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Less than 1 gram of sugar per bar.
€ 20,67 (€ 1,72 / Serving)
Protein Flapjack+, 12 - 75g Flapjacks
9 1 Reviews
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High Protein Flapjack to Support Muscle Growth
€ 12,56 (€ 1,05 / Serving)
Save 20% w/Code: PLUS20 Protein Booster Bar, 18 - 50g Bars
10 2 Reviews
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With 10g of protein per serving and only 4.9g of sugar to keep you energized between meals and aid in recovery
€ 19,32 (€ 1,07 / Serving)
Protein Flapjack, 12 x 75g Flapjacks
CNP Professional
10 1 Reviews
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Contains 18g Protein Per Serving to Support Growth & Maintenance of Muscle Mass*
€ 15,46 (€ 1,29 / Serving)
Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off Crunch, 12 - 64g Bars
20g of protein per bar
€ 19,32 (€ 1,61 / Serving)
Pharma Whey HT+ Bar, 12 - 75g Bars
8.7 3 Reviews
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Whey Protein Bars To Support Healthy Muscle Growth
€ 17,39 (€ 1,45 / Serving)
R-Bar Protein, 12 - 60g Bars
Reflex Nutrition
9.2 14 Reviews
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Natural Protein Bar
€ 19,32 (€ 1,61 / Serving)
Protein Whipped Bites, 12 Packs
Optimum Nutrition
10 5 Reviews
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20g Protein, No Added Sugars, High Fibre
€ 19,32 (€ 3,22 / Serving)
Super Mass Gainer Bar, 10 x 90g Bars
Protein Contributes To A Growth In Muscle Mass
€ 20,29 (€ 2,03 / Serving)
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Introduction To Protein Bars


Guilt-Free Indulgence

If you're someone who's always on the go, one of the hardest parts of sticking to your diet plan is taking the time to prepare all your meals. With all the things you have to get done during the day, the last thing you want to when you get home is cook in the kitchen. Or, perhaps you're stuck somewhere without a healthy snack, and your only options are to go for the junk food at the nearest convenience store.

Protein bars can help! Having a protein bar on hand can help you feel guilt-free by providing a good amount of protein, carbs, and calories.

On-Hand Nutrition and Convenience

Protein bars are tasty and chock-full of good nutrition that can support your sport, training, or daily nutrition. Comprised of high quality protein, energy boosting carbohydrates, and modest amounts of healthy fats, protein bars are one of the most convenient healthy food options available.

Some of the biggest advantages of protein bars include:

  • Being a quick and convenient healthy snack source
  • Requiring no special storage requirements
  • Containing more protein than many snacks and energy bars
  • Having a variety of great-tasting flavors


Nutritious And Effective

If you're serious about packing on more lean muscle mass, you'll definitely want to consider making use of a protein bar. Getting in the calories and protein necessary for building muscle and preventing catabolism is tough, but protein bars are here to give you quick quality ingredients that you can use to keep up your training!

Choose one of our high-calorie protein bars, because they help give you the extra calories, carbs, and protein that are important for packing on lean mass. Protein bars for muscle building are great options to have between your regular meals or whenever you have a break and want something to snack on. Keep your body supplied with the ingredients so you can keep adding that mass and achieve your goals!

Instant Energy

Whether you're an endurance athlete or someone who leads a busy lifestyle, having enough energy to get through the day can be a challenge. Fortunately you can keep your internal battery charged with our energy protein bars.*

Energy protein bars are quick, portable, and light on the stomach. As opposed to pure energy bars, energy protein bars have the added benefit of containing protein, which makes the bar more well-rounded and complete, allowing you to use carbs, calories, and protein for your high energy requirements.

Energy protein bars also support a slow blood sugar response, meaning they are designed to provide steady energy levels.* Keep one with you at all times and don't ever let yourself be sluggish!

Low-Carb Convenience

If you're currently on a fat loss diet, a protein bar might seem like it is outside of your diet regimen. Most people think protein bars always contain too many calories and carbohydrates.

In actuality, there are plenty of protein bars for you! We offer a wide selection of low-carb and calorie protein bars that can easily fit in your fat loss diet, so you can allow yourself to have a guilt-free snack. Best of all, the variety and quality of low-carb protein bars today is incredible, so you're bound to find one that can fit your taste buds.

Read on and learn more about how to find the right protein bar for you!

Picking The Right Protein Bar

When selecting a protein bar, look for one that contains the specific number of calories, carbs, and protein that you are looking for in your diet.

It's always imperative that you meet your calorie needs for the day, so make that priority one. Beyond that, take a look at how many carbs and fats the bar contains, just to make sure the amount also fits in with your overall goals. Protein should always be present in any protein bar you choose but it's still important to find a protein content that fits with your fitness goal. For bulkers and builders, aim for higher calories, carbs and protein. For the cutters and trimmers, go for low-calories, carbs, and fats. Select a protein bar that fits your fitness goals, and feel confident with your high-quality, convenient protein at the ready!


Quest Nutrition Quest Bars

JCPRATT2 | 10/10

"If you're looking for a protein bar, this is the one. Protein, fiber and lack of meaningful sugar content make all Quest bars top notch. I've tried cookies and cream, chocolate chip cookie dough, cinnamon bun, and apple pie. The all were satisfying. My favorite was the cookie dough bar. Can't go wrong with any flavor, though." 

VANWISAA | 10/10

"One of my all time favorite protein bars. Low calories, and still 20 grams of protein. I used these for meal replacement during my 90 day transformation, still eat them today, and absolutely love them."

MusclePharm Combat Crunch Bars

KENDRABU | 10/10

"These things literally taste like candy bars! I am addicted. Perfect snack and they're healthy!!" 

RWOOD76 | 10/10

"This is the best tasting protein bar I've ever tried! I love that it is clean and a moderate size. It tastes like homemade goodness (no kidding)! I can't wait to order more."

ISS Research Oh Yeah! Bars


"The best tasting bars in the fitness market. My favorite is the almond fudge. The bars give me that extra kick when I need it and peace of mind when I'm out and about in a hurry when I don't have my planned meals with me. I am extremely happy with the product. I recommend it 100%" 


"Tastes frekin amazing and great for my long runs! Gives me a little extra energy when I have a break during my triathalons."