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MusclePharm products enhance athletic performance, strength, and overall health - all without the use of banned substances.

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Combat Crunch Bars
Combat Crunch Bars, 12 Bars
8.8 1,324 Reviews
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Whey Protein Bar
€ 23,01
Combat Powder
Combat Powder, 1814 Grams
9.2 2,977 Reviews
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Protein Powder Blend for Muscle Growth
€ 47,75
Assault, 30 Servings
6.6 80 Reviews
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Pre-Workout Powder for Improved Workouts
€ 24,73

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The current and former athletes behind MusclePharm ensure that every product is something they would use on a daily basis. From MMA to mountaineering, these supplements are trusted by pro athletes because they’re clinically proven and free of banned substances.*

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